Origami Paper Kit

20 origami, 25 fluorescent and 20 pastel sheets
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Rs 145

Ziggle set of Craft Paper

1.20 Origami Paper

2. 20 Pastel Colored Sheets  

3. 25 Fluorescent A4 sheets 

Ziggle brings Interesting Paper Craft opportunities

Try and learn interesting paper crafts like FLAPPING BIRD, JUMPING FROG with this pack of quality and colored origami sheets

Pastel Colored Sheets of 100 GSM, best quality paper, 4 different colors, can be used for different paper crafts for school projects and home crafts too

Fluorescent Sheets of 85 GSM, best quality paper, 5 different colors can be used for making multicolored paper frills, Wall hangings, attractive posters, paper flowers, and for quilling too.


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