Beads Craft kit Mixed Color

4 different types of beads and 10 wires to weave beads
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Ziggle DO IT YOURSELF Bead Craft Kit for kids and teens

1. Big Multicolored Wooden Pearls 30gm (60 beads approx)

2. Big Multicolored crystal Pearls 20gm (80 beads approx)

3. Medium sized Multicolored Fancy Pearls 20gm (180 beads approx)

4. Big Pastel Colored Shiny Pearls 20gm (80 beads approx)

5. Set of Wires 10 wires

Get Ziggle Do it Yourself Craft illustrating steps and more craft project ideas ABSOLUTELY FREE with this kit.

Use this kit to try and learn

a) Jewelery Crafts like: Bracelets, Necklaces, Ear rings, Nose pin, Rings, Head bands, Hair Clips

b) Garlands for Idols

c) Decorative Curtains & Wall Hangings

d) Decorative Gift Boxes, Bangle boxes and much more



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