Decoration kit 6 different items

Glitter powder, Gem Stones, Feathers, Foam stickers, Stickers, Shapes, jingle bells
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Ziggle Decorative Craft Kit contains

1. Glitter (5 colored- Silver, Golden, Red, Blue, Green)- 15gm each

2. Multicolored Feathers- 30 pcs

3. Gem Stones sticker 2

4. Big and Small shiny objects: Flowers, Stars and Shapes-10gm 

5. Foam stickers 2 packs

6. Star stickers 2 pages for decorating greeting cards, envelopes , cards and other decoration needs.

Add more spark to your crafts with Ziggle Decorative Kit- paper, fabric projects at school, home or hobby craft classes

a) Use them in sceneries, paintings, Wall hangings and Posters

b) Gift Wrapping Material,

c) Birthday celebrations, Greeting Cards and much more

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